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Temps Services providing temporary labor for warehouse, construction, oil field, manufacturing and office. Safety training.

Welcome to TEMPS Services

an employment, placement and safety agency; where superior solutions for staffing, recruiting and training are pioneered.  TEMPS Services specializes in Temporary Employment, Management Placement and Safety Services for the Construction, Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas sectors.  We provide a wide variety of employees from general or skilled labourers, trades, certified forklift and reach operators to supervisory or management level positions, including safety professionals.  Options for fulfilling our clients’ needs are explained in more detail in our “services” tabs.
TEMPS Services is an employment, placement and safety solution agency that is paving the way to revolutionary commitments and service excellence with strong industry knowledge.  Our team works proactively to provide reliable solutions and strives to offer outstanding opportunities for career seekers.  TEMPS Services is a Canadian company with its head office based in Calgary Alberta.

TEMPS Services has a large dispatch hall and safety training center with a management team with over 30 years of experience in the employment, placement and safety industries.  The final result, TEMPS Service is able to make a connection for you!

Construction Industry
An organization requiring temporary labour for short, long or seasonal projects, TEMPS services will provide a suitable candidate for the job. We also provide a placement service, recruiting qualified, project managers, site superintendents, estimators or safety professionals. TEMPS Services provides on site safety consulting for part or full time projects with a long list of safety training courses for delivery in the field. 

Warehousing & Distribution Industries
Companies needing workers for seasonal projects or when business increases quickly, TEMPS Services has the solution. We have certified forklift, or reach operators, class one (1) and five (5) drivers available for temporary, “temp to perm” or placement needs. TEMPS Services Management Placement division will recruit qualified distribution, warehouse, shipper / receiver managers or safety professionals. TEMPS Services provides on site part or full time safety advisors for projects with several training courses to be delivered at our training centre or the client’s facility.

Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing facilities requiring temporary workers for seasonal, short or long term projects are able to use TEMPS Services labourers, certified forklift or reach operators for employment needs. Our Management Placement service will assist in recruiting qualified engineers, material coordinators or manufacturing managers.  TEMPS Services provides on site safety consultants for part or full time projects with safety training courses available to be delivered at our training centre or the client’s facility.

Office Personnel

Organizations seeking office personnel or managers often use TEMPS Services “temp to perm” solution because, we provide the right candidate through our competency verification process. TEMPS Services can provide office personnel with Microsoft office or other relevant software experience to fill vacation gaps.

Let TEMPS Services make a connection for you!

#10 - 700, 33rd Street NE
Calgary Alberta, T2A 5N9
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